Tamina Therme

One of Europe′s biggest acratotherm springs was first discovered in the Tamina Gorge 800 years ago and the healing properties of the waters were recognised and documented by the renowned physician, Paracelsus,

when he visited the spring in 1535.

The thermal waters bubble out of the mountain at a temperature of 36.5°C

after filtering through the Alps for about 10 years.

Up to 8,000 litres per minute flow through a 4 km long pipeline to Bad Ragaz.

After bathing in the waters, skin feels soft to the touch. In addition, bathing aids healing and regeneration by relaxing muscles, strengthening the immune system and

improving circulation.

Special deal for hotel guests: at the price from about CHF 28 until CHF 35 per person/ day inc. sauna and just 200m walk away! To add a little extra, ask our reception staff about our special Tamina Therme bathing bag!

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